KOCT’s next weekend event is February 21st through February 23rd, 2020.


Kairos Outside offers a comfortable, non-judgmental retreat for women to support each other as they journey through the incarceration of a spouse, child, friend, or relative.

The Kairos Outside Weekend is a 2 ½ day program based on a series of talks by volunteers designed to address the pain of enduring separation from the one inside and the judgment of others. Guests hear the talks in small family groups.

The program is interspersed with music, prayer, food, and fun activities.

Kairos Prison Ministry is a Christian program, although no religious affiliation is necessary to be a Guest.

Any woman, older than 19, (1) whose life has been impacted by incarceration of a loved one, or (2) who was unable to attend Kairos Inside while in prison, is eligible to attend Kairos Outside, free of charge.

“Listen, Listen, Love, Love”

 What happens at Kairos Outside? The Weekend is a series of talks by women sharing their life journey. Each guest has the opportunity to review the talks in small family groups. However, sharing in the small groups is voluntary. The program is interspersed with music, prayer, fun activities, and general pampering. We expect those in attendance to stay for the entire program. The weekend is Christian in nature, although no religious affiliation is necessary to attend.

You may join the Kairos Outside program even if your loved one has not attended a Kairos (Inside) Prison Weekend.

What you share at Kairos Outside is kept confidential. Your attendance remains confidential, also.


You can stay close to your fellow guests and team, and give and receive ongoing support over time through a series of reunions held several time a year.


You can help organize or just participate in activities designed to raise funds and awareness of the Kairos Outside ministry.


Small groups of the Kairos Outside community that meet often to Share, Witness, Account, and Pray.

Team Meetings

Planning, training, and preparations for Kairos Outside events.

Leadership Opportunities

Learn and become a part of the Kairos Outside event production and ongoing administration of the ministry.