Questions Commonly Asked


(Q) How long is the Kairos Outside Weekend?

(A) The Weekend starts Friday night at 6:00 pm and lasts until 5:00 pm on Sunday. Meals and lodging are provided.


(Q) How much does it cost to join Kairos Outside or attend a Weekend event?

(A) There is no cost, you are our guest. Funds are provided by local Christian Communities and individual donations. If you would like to give your time as a volunteer, sponsor a guest, sponsor a team member, or sponsor an entire event click here.


(Q) Where do I stay during the Weekend?

(A) The Weekend is held at a local Christian retreat center.


(Q) Do I have to be a Christian to come to the Weekend?

(A) No - all we ask is for the guests to be open to discussion from a Christian perspective.


(Q) What shall I tell my husband about the men on the team?

(A) The men are present only to prepare the meals. They do not participate in the program or community activities.


(Q) Why should I give up a weekend visit with my family member to come to a Kairos Outside Weekend?

(A) Your journey is often difficult. Many of the people in the outside world do not understand your position and may reject you. This Weekend is designed to give you support and encouragement from women who are in the same situation, and from other Christians who care about you, the difficult time you are going through, and your loved one who is incarcerated.


(Q) During the Weekend events and at team meetings are children welcome or is day-care provided?

(A) Kairos Outside provides compensation to family members or other care givers of your choice for childcare while you are our guest at a Weekend. Children are welcome at team meetings, reunions, and fundraising events - we have activities for them!


(Q) If needed, is transportation provided to the Weekend event?

(A) Yes. Our community angels are happy to give you a ride to the event and back home. Also, if you need gas money to drive yourself, just let us know.


(Q) I don't get around so well anymore, is there a lot of walking involved?

(A) We accommodate all, regardless of your mobility, and all women over 20 years old impacted by incarceration are welcome.


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